Sunday, 3 August 2008

Fireproof Official Trailer

Fireproof is an upcoming drama film from Sherwood Pictures. Don't expect torrid sex scenes in this movie: Sherwood Pictures is indeed a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church.... Anyway the film is interesting. Fireproof is written and directed by Alex Kendrick (who is also Pastor) and is starring Kirk Cameron as Caleb Holt.

Here below the first official trailer of Fireproof:

From the creators of Facing The Giants.

How far would you go to keep a promise?

How much would you sacrifice to save your marriage?


Never leave your partner behind.

I love the comment left by someone nicknamed boze on Coming Soon board about the movie Fireproof:

If I want Jesus preaching I'll go to church. It is clear that part of the problem of the character is that he puts a lot of extra-mile effort into work and not his marriage. He starts putting a little effort into the marriage he expects it to be fixed instantly and pouts when it doesn't. This is true to how we have become in life, instant gratification. Anything worth doing takes more than the bare minimum effort, regardless of incorporating a books of rules into it. But I am sure the "Fallen Behind" audience will just love this movie.
by boze

I have mixed feelings about the movie: the movie in itself may interest me, but the proselyte intent behind the film Fireproof - made by a pastor - kind of hinders me from appreciating its true value.

By the way if you're a husband, do not forget that your wife is your most precious treasure with your children!


Anonymous said...

I watched the trailer and I am excited about seeing this movie. I read a couple of comments and find it interesting that because it is a Cristian movie it is attacked as not having relevance. It is high time that people quit their whinning about having a theme containing god and started accepting Him on His terms and not their own. You cannot bargain with God and expect to have any type of relationship that works. We must come to god on His terms and not ours, so don't condemn this movie based on your ignorance of His ways. It is really a good movie that has a lot to offer.

Evangelist David Harper

Anonymous said...

I assume that guy you quoted meant "Left Behind" not "Fallen Behind" >.>

but I'll agree with the previous poster in that people attack Christians to readily.
I'm a Christian and I keep an open and accepting mind to everyone from all aspects of life, yet I constantly find people judging me, ironically because they think that all Christians are judgmental.
ah well, I'll get off my soap box for now and just leave you with this:
this looks like a really heartfelt touching movie, and I would see it in a heartbeat, not because it's made by a pastor, but because it has a message that everyone can get something from, no matter who you are.
I think people need to start considering marriage in a higher sense than just two people getting together.
That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I was interested in seeing this movie. I am not a cristian but after watching the movie it made me have a deeper appreciation for my wife. You see I am a firefighter and I can see how easily this can happen. I could actually relate to the situation. I have felt that same way in my marriage. After my wife & I saw it we bought the book & I feel trully blessed for going to see the movie......